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GFSA Pitching and Catching Academy

In 2016, the Board of the Greenfield Fastpitch Softball Association (GFSA) established the GFSA Pitching and Catching Academy.  Pitching skills are essential to the long term growth and development of our league and we are committed to providing the resources necessary to improve this part of our program at each age level.  Our goal would be to provide interested girls with pitching fundamentals, each winter, that would allow them to enjoy success on the mound once our spring season begins.

The parameters of our Academy are as follows:

1.  GFSA hires a qualified instructor to run the group lessons.  GFSA shares the cost of the lessons with each family participating.

2.  The group pitching and catching lessons would be scheduled for one evening a week, in or around Greenfield, Indiana.

3. The pitching and catching lessons would tentatively be scheduled for one hour, with the number of classes being determined by the number of participants.

4. The academy would start with a four week run before Thanksgiving followed by nine weeks beginning in early January.

5. One parent will be required to catch for the child during the pitching lessons.